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Latest Developments

LTCPA Outlines Part D Concerns In Letter to President-elect Obama
LTCPA has written a letter to President-Elect Obama outlining concerns about how the Part D program is serving long term care residents.
Read the LTCPA Letter (PDF)

LTCPA Analysis: CMS Prohibition on Caregivers Assisting Nursing Home Residents With Medicare Part D Plan Selection Creating Serious Problems
The LTCPA has released a policy analysis of issues surrounding enrollment of long term term care residents in Medicare Part D. Based on its analysis, LTCPA recommends changing CMS rules to allow caregivers to assist nursing home residents in becoming enrolled in a plan that best matches their needs.
Read the LTCPA Policy Brief

LTC Pharmacist Testifies Before Energy & Commerce Subcommittee
Larry Galluzzo, President of Skilled Care LTC pharmacy, testified before the House Energy & Commerce Health Subcommittee on a number of issues including immediate access to coverage for new LTC Part D beneficiaries, assisting LTC residents with plan selection, and recovering unpaid copays.
Read the Testimony (PDF)

Bipartisan Group of House Members Urges CMS to Revise Its Marketing Guidelines
A bipartisan group including Congressmen English, Waxman, Ramstad, Bilirakis, and Strickland have sent a letter to CMS Adminstrator McClellan urging the Part D marketing guidelines be revised to allow LTC health professionals to assist residents in selecting the best plan for their needs.
Read the Congressional Letter (PDF)

Senator Schumer Introduces Legislation to Give LTC Residents Help in Choosing a Part D Plan
Senator Charles Schumer has introduced legislation to allow LTC facilities to assist residents with technical help and counseling in choosing the best Part D plan.
Read Bill Text (PDF)

Georgia House Overwhelmingly Passes the Georgia Medicare Part D Authorized Decision Makers Act
On March 3rd, the Georgia House voted 152-1 in favor of designating employees of health care providers and others to act as authorized representatives for elderly seniors who lack the ability to make Part D decisions on their own, and have no legal representative.
Read the Bill (PDF)

White Papers and Reports
Medicare Part D Plan Formularies Vary Greatly for Dually-Eligible Nursing Home Residents in 2008
LTCPA has released a study comparing formulary coverage of a list of drugs commonly used by nursing home residents among Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) available for auto-assignment of dually-eligible beneficiaries in each Medicare PDP region. This review highlights the significant variability in access to specific drugs between these plans. In addition, the survey highlights the increased utilization management techniques implemented by the plans.
Read Report (PDF)
Study Warns Mentally Ill Nursing Home Residents Face Risks If They Don't Get Help Choosing The Right Part D Plan
A study warns mentally ill nursing home residents face health risks if they do no receive the most suitable medication. However, many are not able to choose a PDP that covers their drugs without some assistance.
Read Study (PDF)
OIG Report Finds Many Duals Auto-Enrolled In Part D Plans That Don't Cover All Their Drugs
A report issued by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) finds many duals have been assigned to plans with inadequate drug formularies.
Read the OIG Report (PDF)
Study Finds More Nursing Home Residents Need Drug Coverage Than Expected
A 2006 University of Maryland study of nursing home residents found 20% lack coverage and could benefit from Medicare Part D.
In The News

February 28, 2007
Part D Analysis Finds Nursing Home Residents Poorly Served
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August 29, 2006
WLF Sues CMS Over Nursing Home Part D Restrictions
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August 24, 2006
Kaiser Foundation: SHIPs Not Assisting Nursing Home Residents with Part D
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