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How Does Long-Term Care Pharmacy Differ from Other Pharmacy?

A Dozen Key Differences Between Long-Term Care Pharmacies and Retail Pharmacies:

Service Provided   Long-Term Care Pharmacy Retail Pharmacy
Provision of IV medications, including specialized nutrition and pain management Yes No
Controlled packaging, including "unit doses" proven to reduce medication errors Yes No
First-dose capabilities, so that residents are not kept waiting for medications Yes No
Multiple daily deliveries, essential given the diverse needs of each facility's residents Yes No
STAT (urgent) delivery, to respond immediately to residents' changing needs Yes No
24 hour / 7 day coverage, in keeping with each facility's legal and ethical responsibilities Yes No
Consultant pharmacist services required by law, to assure residents a higher quality of care Yes No
Drug utilization review, to assure accurate, cost-effective dispensing and receipt of medications Yes No
Drug regimen review, including pharmacy-maintained patient profiles to prevent medication-related problems Yes No
Formulary management, for cost containment and care assurance Yes No
Emergency supply of medication, maintained at facility Yes No
Guidance and specialization, to help meet extensive state and federal regulations Yes No

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