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LTCPA: Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance Providing medicines to over one million of our nation's long-term care residents closeup of elderly face

Congressman Jeb Bradley Urges CMS to Allow Nursing Homes and Pharmasists to Help LTC Residents Enroll in the Best Drug Plan
"Many of the nation's 1.6 million nursing home residents remain unaware or confused about how the new Medicare Part D program works...in order to ensure proper and timely enrollment, CMS needs to allow professionals to provide assistance..."
     Read the Statement (PDF)

Long Term Care Pharmacy Industry to Discuss Rebate Disclosure
On November 28, 2005 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ("CMS") posted to the "Questions & Answers" portion of its web site a statement to the effect that it has concerns about the continued payment of certain rebates by pharmaceutical manufacturers to long-term care pharmacies with respect to prescriptions dispensed under the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit. In response to this statement, the Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance ("LTCPA") issued the following statement:
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The New Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit: Special Issues for Nursing Home Residents
In 2003, the President and Congress enacted a law creating Medicare Part D, a prescription drug benefit for elderly and disabled Americans that begins on January 1, 2006. While the new drug plan raises many issues for all seniors to consider, there are some special considerations and opportunities that apply particularly to nursing home residents. In choosing a plan, there are several key questions for nursing home residents to consider:
     Read Our Congressional Constituent Brief (PDF)

LTCPA Letter: Let Nursing Home Care Providers and Pharmacists Help Seniors Choose the Right Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
In response to reports of wide-spread confusion among seniors seeking help enrolling in the new Medicare prescription drug plan, the Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance (LTCPA), has sent a letter to the President and Congress this week urging a change in Medicare rules that currently prevent nursing home staff and pharmacists from counseling seniors about which of dozens of Medicare drug plans best serve their needs.
     Read the Press Release (PDF)
     Read the Letter (PDF)


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LTCPA Files Amicus Brief in PhRMA v. Concannon, Opposes Prior Authorization Based Solely on Cost (PDF)
Testimony of the Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance before the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services on proposed rule 5101:3-9-08 -- long-term care pharmacy best practices management incentive payment program.
Seniors In Nursing Homes Need Access To A Specialized Medicare Drug Benefit
Controlling Prescription Drug Spending: Cutting Pharmacy Reimbursement is Not the Answer

Studies of long-term care pharmacy dispensing costs:

" BDO Seidman/LTCPA study (April 2002)
             Executive summary
             Study results

" Pennsylvania General Assembly study (December 2000)