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Congressman Jeb Bradley Urges CMS to Allow Nursing Homes and Pharmasists to Help LTC Residents Enroll in the Best Drug Plan
  "Many of the nation's 1.6 million nursing home residents remain unaware or confused about how the new Medicare Part D program works...in order to ensure proper and timely enrollment, CMS needs to allow professionals to provide assistance..."
Read the Statement
Long Term Care Pharmacy Industry to Discuss Rebate Disclosure
  On November 28, 2005 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (“CMS”) posted to the “Questions & Answers” portion of its web site a statement to the effect that it has concerns about the continued payment of certain rebates by pharmaceutical manufacturers to long-term care pharmacies with respect to prescriptions dispensed under the Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit. In response to this statement, the Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance (“LTCPA”) issued the following statement: Read the Statement (PDF)
The New Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Benefit: Special Issues for Nursing Home Residents
  In 2003, the President and Congress enacted a law creating Medicare Part D, a prescription drug benefit for elderly and disabled Americans that begins on January 1, 2006. While the new drug plan raises many issues for all seniors to consider, there are some special considerations and opportunities that apply particularly to nursing home residents. In choosing a plan, there are several key questions for nursing home residents to consider:
Read Our Congressional Constituent Brief (PDF)
LTCPA Letter: Let Nursing Home Care Providers and Pharmacists Help Seniors Choose the Right Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
  In response to reports of wide-spread confusion among seniors seeking help enrolling in the new Medicare prescription drug plan, the Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance (LTCPA), has sent a letter to the President and Congress this week urging a change in Medicare rules that currently prevent nursing home staff and pharmacists from counseling seniors about which of dozens of Medicare drug plans best serve their needs.
Read the Letter (PDF).
LTCPA overview of CMS final MMA regulations
  On January 21, 2005 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the final regulations implementing the Medicare Modernization Act (MMA). LTCPA congratulates CMS on issuing the regulations...
LTCPA overview of CMS final MMA regulations. (PDF)
LTCPA Releases White Paper on Pharmacy Services
  We developed this for CMS in advance of their report to Congress on the standards of practice for pharmacy services to residents of LTC facilities.
LTCPA White Paper on Pharmacy Services.
LTCPA Releases Comments on MMA Proposed Regulations
  The Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance (LTCPA) appreciates this opportunity to respond to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) proposed rules to implement the Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit and establish the Medicare Advantage Program.
LTCPA Comments to CMS on MMA Proposed Regulations
. (PDF)
LTCPA Granted Medicare Endorsement for Prescription Drug Assistance Card
  The Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance (LTCPA), whose members serve three out of every five nursing home patients in the nation, today was granted government approval to offer a prescription drug card as part of a new program to improve low-income nursing home residents' access to the many medications they require.
Read the Full Release (PDF)
LTCPA Statement on the Medicare Prescription Drug Legislation
  (December 2, 2003) -- The United States Congress has passed historic legislation establishing a prescription drug benefit for Medicare beneficiaries. This legislation now awaits the president’s signature. Unlike previous versions of Medicare legislation that have been considered by Congress, this legislation takes a major step toward recognizing the needs of residents of nursing facilities; the oldest and frailest of all Medicare beneficiaries.
Read Our Statement
LTCPA Informs HHS About Impact of Proposed Rule Changes for Plan B Drug Reimbursment
  (October 14, 2003) -- LTCPA recently sent comments to the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) regarding Proposed Rule entitled Payment Reform for Part B Drugs. 68 Fed. Reg. 50428 (Aug. 20, 2003). In our comments, we explore the impact in sufficient detail to allow CMS to adequately address the effects its reform proposals may have on the nation’s oldest, sickest, and most frail population – nursing home residents.
Read Our Letter (PDF)
Read Our Comments (PDF)
LTCPA Urges Congress not to Forget Frail Elderly in Medicare Bill
  The average medicare recipient has very different medical needs than the average “Dual Eligible” recipient in a nursing home. LTCPA has prepared an informational brochure that spells out the dangers of eliminting their safety net.
Read the brochure (PDF)
LTCPA Issues Statement on Maine Rx Program and Medicaid Prior-Authorization Requirements
  (January 22, 2003) -- In recognition of today's oral arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court in PhRMA v. Concannon, the Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance (LTCPA) issued the following statement, "LTCPA filed a friend-of-the-court brief in PhRMA v. Concannon out of concern that the Maine Rx program will harm some of Maine's most vulnerable patients -- the frail elderly in the state's nursing homes."
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LTCPA Submits Supplemental Comments on Proposed Mass. Regulations (PDF)
  (January 9, 2003) — The Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance submitted these supplemental comments to our original submission of December 30, 2002, relative to the division’s proposed regulations governing the collection of pharmacy assessments.
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LTCPA Submits Comments on Proposed Mass. Regulations (PDF)
  (December 30, 2002) — The Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance submitted these comments asking for clarification concerning the implementation of this assessment. Our concerns hinge on the peculiar realities of serving patients in the long-term care environment.
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LTCPA Opposes Maryland Pharmacy Regulation (PDF)
  (December 17, 2002) — In testimony before the Maryland Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review, the LTCPA stated its opposition to DHMH’s preferred drug list regulations and proposed an more viable alternative.
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MassHealth Reimbursement Plan Means Losses for Nursing Home Pharmacies
  BOSTON, MA (September 26, 2002) — The proposed cut to MassHealth reimbursement rates will cause nursing home pharmacies to lose money.
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LTCPA Files Amicus Brief in PhRMA v. Concannon, Opposes Prior Authorization Based Solely on Cost (PDF)
(September 20, 2002) — LTCPA members’ ability to serve their Maine nursing home customers is directly and adversely affected by the Maine Rx Program.
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Testimony of the Long Term Care Pharmacy Alliance before the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services on proposed rule 5101:3-9-08 -- long-term care pharmacy best practices management incentive payment program.
  (September 24, 2002) — Delivered by Joseph R. Sabino, MS, RPh
Executive Director, NCS Healthcare of Columbus, Ohio
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Long-term Care Experts Call on Massachusetts Not To Cut MassHealth Reimbursement to Nursing-Home Pharmacies; Cuts Will Hurt Those Who Need the Help Most
  BOSTON, MA (August 27, 2002) – Testifying at a public hearing today, four experts drawn from the long-term care community urged Massachusetts regulators to exempt nursing-home pharmacies from a pending cut in MassHealth reimbursement rates.
LTCPA Comments on HHS Proposed Rule to Implement President's Prescription Drug Discount-Card Initiative (PDF)
(May 3, 2002) Submitted to the Department of Health and Human Services
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Written Testimony on Proposed Rule 5101:3-9-05 -- Reimbursement Before the Joint Committee on Agency Rule Review of the Ohio General Assembly
  (March 11, 2002) — Delivered by Joseph R. Sabino, MS, RPh
Executive Director, NCS Healthcare of Columbus, Ohio
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